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Information Systems and Sustainable IT Management – Prof. Dr. Gilbert Fridgen

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​Information Systems and Sustainable IT Management 

Prof. Dr. Gilbert Fridgen
Professor of Information Systems and Sustainable IT Management
Wittelsbacherring 10
95447 Bayreuth, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-4710
Fax: +49 (0)921 / 55-844710
E-mail: nim@uni-bayreuth.de


Prof. Fridgen was selected to speak at the renowned Süddeutsche Zeitung Wirtschaftsgipfel 2018 
on the topic "The Blockchain Revolution – an Opportunity for Companies?"

More information on the summit and the current program can be found here.

Information Systems and Sustainable IT Management

We interpret sustainable IT management from two different perspectives. On the one hand, IT management should take account of sustainability principles in order to maintain the long-term competitiveness of companies. On the other hand, IT itself is an instrument to achieve sustainability in other areas, especially in the energy sector.

Therefore, our teaching addresses students that aim at classical jobs in the area of project management or IT management and thus would to get in touch with modern approaches as well as students that especially aim at jobs in the production (Industry 4.0) or in the energy industry.

In a joint effort with the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT, we combine our research and practice activities. Therefore, we are able to conduct applied research projects with our industry partners in a unique way. Furthermore, we provide students with interdisciplinary interest at the interface of Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, and other related programs the possibility to participate in our wi-career.net.

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